21st Century Photography

People used to say that the camera cannot lie. But of course that was before the days of Photoshop! Now we not only have systems from manipulating photos we can create them ourselves right from scratch using only computer programs. For example take a look at the very cool cars below. Are they photographs – or computer-generated facsimiles? At the moment, yes, day are obviously computer-generated cars, but the technology is approaching perfection all the time, and the time is not too far in the future when we can drool over pictures of cars by the million, none of which truly exist!

Why are we so obsessed by the automobile? It's a fact that throughout the world there are millions of car enthusiasts. To feed their enthusiasm, there are thousands of different aspects of classic cars that they can drool over. Indeed the matter where you go in the world there are certain cars that have left completely indelible memories, and which collectors or just enthusiasts can talk about for days.

The early years of motoring, before the Second World War, are looked upon as the apogee of car design. This is when the motor car truly came of age. Prior to that they were rattly, unreliable devices that could be virtually guaranteed to break down at regular intervals; but during the 20s and 30s there were significant advances in design and engineering techniques that produced hitherto undreamt of engine power, roadholding and reliability.

We can all dream; below are a few pictures, computer-generated of course, of some of my dream cars.